Parks are needed in Lower Montgomery County

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Now it’s time, County Council, to drop the Purple Line and recognize this park for what it is: an irreplaceable asset for the health and happiness of our community.

Leggett to County Council on Purple Line Funding Argument: “Simply Not Realistic”


Friends of the Capital Crescent Trail president Ajay Bhatt responded: “Maryland does not have the necessary $2 billion to pay for the construction of the ill-conceived Purple Line and no viable plan to come up with the money. Thankfully, Mr. Leggett has asked that the council come to its senses and instead focus its resources on wise investments, not ‘signals’ for the Purple Line.”

Plan for Purple Line and Capital Crescent Trail blasted at Montgomery County Council hearing


The Maryland Transit Administration and others have repeatedly assured the town and the rest of the public that the trail and the Purple Line could and would co-exist in the tunnel. In fact, this was a major selling point. That assurance cannot be ignored now, based on engineering issues that were entirely foreseeable—indeed, predicted—when the assurance was made. And keeping the trail in the tunnel is not just a matter of public officials keeping their word. It is also a significant matter of public safety.