October 4, 2011
Proposed Purple Line already a headache for residents
WTOP Radio

Plans to link Prince George’s and Montgomery counties by light rail have been in the works for more than 20 years. Transportation officials are still figuring out how to realize the commuting dream, but some residents don’t like the latest ideas.

In Lyttonsville, a proposed purple line would overwhelm the small Silver Spring community, residents say.

Susan Buchanan is concerned that the maintenance yard is getting bigger and bigger. “MTA surprised us with a new plan. They said it had to be enlarged,” she says.

Neighbors also worry about how the local economy will be affected. Will private businesses be swallowed up by the project? “A number of the businesses were always identified as potential takes,” says Mike Madden with the Maryland Transit Administration.

There is still plenty of time to work out the kinks of the proposed line. The project is still waiting for federal approval and construction wouldn’t start until 2015 at the earliest.