March 7, 2012
Berliner out of touch on Crescent Trail tunnel
Montgomery County Gazette

Dear Editor:

Regarding the $51 million cost of “stacking” the Crescent Trail above the Purple Line in the tunnel under Wisconsin Ave. [“Capital Crescent Trail, Purple Line tunnel, would cost $51 million,” Feb. 29], County Councilman Roger Berliner is quoted as saying: “I think it is a very serious change from what all of us had expected when we conceived of the trail going through the tunnel.”

I know Mr. Berliner lives in Potomac but I am not sure what universe he inhabits. I have walked this route for years and when it became obvious some years back that there would be a final decision to build the Purple Line on a route to encompass the Crescent Trail I asked myself, and neighbors, how are they going to reconcile a light-rail train and a walking/bike path under Wisconsin Avenue?

I am not an engineer but it appeared self-evident years ago you could not have the Purple Line and the Trail share the same space without very expensive alterations. It was not, as Mr. Berliner describes it, “what all of us had expected.” A diversion across Wisconsin Avenue is not a safe option.

Mr. Berliner could have spoken with his constituents who live in Bethesda. If he had, there would have been no misconceived expectations.

William Shine, Bethesda