February 29, 2012
Leggett to County Council on Purple Line Funding Argument: “Simply Not Realistic”

Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett has rejected the argument by county council members that authorizing $60 million for the Bethesda South Metro entrance would be a signal to federal and state authorities spurring the Purple Line light rail project forward. “The notion that the county need only show greater monetary commitment to the Purple Line and the other funding sources will fall into place is simply not realistic,” said Leggett in a letter to the council.

Friends of the Capital Crescent Trail president Ajay Bhatt responded: “Maryland does not have the necessary $2 billion to pay for the construction of the ill-conceived Purple Line and no viable plan to come up with the money. Thankfully, Mr. Leggett has asked that the council come to its senses and instead focus its resources on wise investments, not ‘signals’ for the Purple Line.”