June 21, 2011
Montgomery County Gazette
Developers lining pockets with Purple Line
Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

In the article, “Chevy Chase residents laugh at vision for development near proposed Purple Line Station”, May 4] she states that “The [Chevy Chase] Land Company’s development plans are in response to a proposed station for the Purple Line.” It would be more accurate to say “…development plans are the force behind the proposed station.”

It’s that the Purple Line is nothing more than a development project of the Chevy Chase Land Company. Why else would they offer to pay for the construction of the station? The Purple Line development will add to road congestion, not alleviate it.

For a fraction of the cost, the county could triple the bus service between Takoma Park and Bethesda, but that’s not a grand enough solution – it’s just feasible and affordable.

It also won’t provide as easy a way for the Chevy Chase Land Company and other developers to line their pockets at our expense.

Julie White, Chevy Chase