In spite of Governor Hogan’s decision to move forward with the Purple Line, the Purple Line is not a done deal.

We are in fact in an even stronger position to save the trail and to require better alternatives to the Purple Line — that is, good transit, not bad transit.

Why are we in a stronger position now?  The more than 40 new cost-cutting conditions and the $500 million reduction in State contributions announced by Governor Hogan are resulting in months of delays and major financing obstacles.

Governor Hogan’s conditions have also strengthened our lawsuit.

The changes to several design aspects of the project required by Governor Hogan are almost certainly significant enough to invoke the regulations that call for a supplemental environmental impact statement (EIS) when new information or design changes occur.  Friends of the Capital Crescent Trail and citizens, exercising their right to petition their government for redress of grievances, have recently written to the Secretary of Transportation to ask for such a supplemental EIS. We plan to fold these arguments into the lawsuit, which before Hogan’s announcement had already included several strong claims calling for a full and unbiased re-assessment of likely impacts and of reasonable alternatives.

Letter to the Secretary of Transportation