Judge says agencies must give serious consideration to Metro crisis 

November 28, 2016: In his November 22 court order in the lawsuit brought by Friends of the Capital Crescent Trail on the Purple Line, Federal Judge Richard Leon:

(1) reiterated his suspension of the project for now, and
(2) required the Federal Transit Administration to consider Metro’s crisis and to give that issue serious consideration. The order specifies a “limited” change in the procedure for how the agencies may undertake that consideration, subject to ongoing judicial supervision.

“The federal court is giving us all the opportunity to reconsider the wasteful and costly Purple Line,” said President of Friends of the Capital Crescent Trail Ajay Bhatt.

“Let’s remember that this is a project whose ridership estimates have been suspect all along, which MTA itself admits won’t reduce congestion, for which MARC fare revenue and other transportation budget items may be raided, and for which the private concessionaire would in the end be paid $5.6 billion even if the riders don’t show up. It’s only reasonable to pause and ask how scarce resources can be put to best use.”

To read the Judge’s November 22, 2016 Order and Opinion, click here

To read the November 25, 2016 letter from Friends of the Capital Crescent Trail to DOT and FTA about the scope of the remand and documents that FCCT requests the agencies to consider, click here