Group sues to stop Purple Line on behalf of shrimp-like species–WAMU
The proposed Purple Line would require deforestation of areas around the Capital Crescent Trail, which are also reportedly habitats of several species of endangered amphipods.
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Friends of the Capital Crescent Trail file lawsuit over proposed Purple Line route saying it endangers a protected species –WJLA
A trail group in Bethesda, Maryland, is suing the U.S. Transportation Department, alleging a planned light-rail route through some Washington suburbs would harm two rare, shrimplike creatures.
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Maryland’s Incredible Purple People Mover–Wall Street Journal
How the state’s proposed $2.4 billion light rail could take taxpayers for a ride.
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Endangered shrimp-like creature is in the path of the proposed Purple Line–CBS Baltimore
It’s small, it’s very rare and it might just slow down construction of the purple line light rail route.
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Tiny amphipod could alter Purple Line plans–WJLA
White in color, measured in millimeters, and eyeless, the small Hay’s Spring amphipod has been making a big splash in talks over the purple line. The shrimp-like creature could possibly change the course of the project.
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Washington Post: Purple Line’s obscure obstacle: The endangered Hay’s Spring amphipod
A rare shrimplike creature found in Rock Creek Park — believed to be its only location in the world — could end up taking center stage in a fight against a proposed light-rail Purple Line in the Maryland suburbs.
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