• It is unsafe to run 50 MPH trains where children play and walk to school
  • Four schools are within one block of the Capital Crescent Trail between Bethesda and Silver Spring


  • Clear-cutting an existing 20-acre park inside the Beltway is unacceptable in this age of environmental consciousness
  • Air pollution will increase inside the Beltway because the Purple Line means more electrical generation from coal and the destruction of thousands of trees that currently capture greenhouse gases
  • Water pollution into the Chesapeake Bay will increase with the loss of signficant stormwater runoff now absorbed by forest land
  • Noise pollution for area residents will increase due to loss of tree canpoy and trains running every three minutes
  • Endangered species–some of the last remaining protected amphipods in our national capital area–may be lost, along with the trees and seeps that are essential for their habitat.


  • Contingent on the Purple Line are large scale commercial and residential developments adding tens of thousands of cars inside the Beltway on already congested roads
  • 80% of riders are expected to come from existing mass transit according to Purple Line planners – cars won’t be taken off the roads
  • We want transportation plans that focus on traffic reduction not development


  • Fix Metro first!
  • As of March 2014 the cost of the Purple Line has ballooned to $2.37 billion. Ask our elected officials “What else could this money buy?”
  • Operations and maintenance will add millions of dollars to the real cost of the Purple Line cost 
  • Taxpayers will foot the bill for the difference between fares and the real cost to operate the system