The Purple Line is a proposed $2.37 billion double-tracked light rail transit line from New Carrollton to Bethesda designed and promoted by the Maryland Transportation Authority, a state agency not responsible for our regional Metro system.  Between Bethesda and Silver Spring, the new independent Purple Line would run on the site of “ and destroy “ the existing Capital Crescent Trail.

Why Does Friends of the Capital Crescent Trail oppose the plan for the Purple Line?

  • The Purple Line will cost taxpayers billions of dollars  – forcing cuts in other critical state services! (It will be three times as costly to build and 50% more to maintain than alternative bus rapid transit!)

The Purple Line takes away money from our top transportation priority – fixing Metro first!

  • The Purple Line will bulldoze a three-mile section of the Capital Crescent Trail, clear-cutting thousands of trees along a 20-acre path and constructing twin sets of railroad tracks and high-voltage catenary wires to supply power to the trains. (Trains will operate at up to 50 mph just feet from existing home and neighborhoods!)

The Purple Line… 

  • WILL NOT take cars off the road and relieve traffic congestion
  • WILL NOT reduce air pollution
  • WILL NOT decrease travel times between New Carrolton and Bethesda
  • WILL NOT serve the new NIH-Walter Reed Medical Center (our community’s largest new development)

Friends of the Capital Crescent Trail is not against mass transit. We support projects that are cost-effective, provide real benefits and don’t destroy the environment. We want transit that makes sense, not projects like the Purple Line that destroy unique park land and add new burdens to taxpayers! 

With your help we will Save The Trail!

The trail is a year-round recreational area for thousands of users